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Leaded Glass Services


Traditional Methods

All Leaded panels are made and constructed by the same methods they have been produced for centuaries. The only exception being is  I use a vegan flux, when soldering -  as opposed to tallow.



Often panels are beyond restoring or have never  been replaced. With years of research and a passion for archetectual restoaration new panels can be reproduced matching the original ones as near as possible.



Restoration is always preferable - but not always possssible. However, if they are, we are able to provide a restoration service - matching as near as possible broken or damaged glass and lead.


Georgean Fanlights

Original leaded Georgean fanlights are rare these days, and we are one of just a handful of studios who  can either restore or reproduce these amazing pieces to return often listed properties to their former glory.



I use modern computer graphic software to design panels and be able to work with the client through out this initial process and ensure the desired piece is correct before I proceed with construction.


Bespoke & Contempoary

Often clients are looking for something unique and contempoary, and may have already a design in mind. Working together we can produce the life long feature to your home that is desired.

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